Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Expensive relationship?

I don’t have the money. I can’t afford my relationship,’ said a friend. She is complaining of a failing relationship with her partner of 2 years.
‘Ridiculous,’ I said, almost whispering. Because it doesn’t sounds too ridiculous.
‘When did this happen?’
‘When I started to further my studies,’ that was 6 months ago.
‘When all the money drained into paying fees and coursework....’ yeah, furthering studies means more money to ‘invest’.
She looks so upset. Terribly upset. Griping on the cell phone, she is hesitating to make a call. She just had a souring conversation minutes ago.
I know the boyfriend quite well. A nice guy. A guy with a load of cash too. So what’s the problem? He never rely his financial to her. Pay all the bills when eating out, buy the tickets for movies, pay her phone bills, buy her new shoes. (yes, I know too much about them.) So, err, what is the problem?

‘A lot of problem. He always fetches me to go out for date. Never complaints. But last week his car broke and we had to cancel all our plans’
‘He said I never made an effort to go to fetch him,, no, its not that, I was broke, and I cant afford the fuel!’ fuel? It make sense, they are 45minutes apart. But why is that an issue?
‘Because it has been happening, all in the different ways, but still, the main root of the problem is I don’t have the money! Always happen at the most important moments!’
‘I was broke on his birthday, on our anniversary,’
Her cell phone rings.
‘Then maybe you should start saving?’ I said just to end the conversation.
‘No,’ she looks at me, right in the eye. The phone is screaming.
Fixing her eyes on me, she continues,
‘I can’t afford this relationship anymore! It’s too much expensive.’
‘It’s like owning a Toyota when you only afford to have a Myvi!’
She ends our conversation by answering her call.
I walk out from her car with an issue in my head. Is the problem money, or communication? Is she is too proud to tell her beau about the problem? Or is there anything to do with Maslow hierarchy of needs? Do I afford for my own relationship?
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