Thursday, September 13, 2007

ramadhan 2007

Ramadhan al-Mubarak,
it's an off day in Kedah, such a small matter, but such a impact,
since it's the 1st Ramadan, the off-day creates to-day as a special day,
most will retreat to family, special meals can be expected,
everyone is contributing something, pasar Ramadan can be visit without thinking of the streaming people back from work, (not that Kedah face heavy traffics)
and the most special is, the moment of break-fast is much more less-rush, full-indulge, more faces, : a pleasantly lovable moment.
i'am glad to balik kampong to share this very special 1st Ramadhan!!

1 comment:

dearwednesday said...

sama2x kite ber-ramadhan di rumah... heheh kasi jeles kat bad huhu

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