Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthday Treats: Slimming Sanctuary

I got a slimming voucher from my sister as a birthday gift. I guess this is the most overwhelming gift!
So today she took me there, the Slimming Sanctuary in Klang Valley. Arriving, we were served with complimentary drink.
A girl took me to the treatment room. She stick vibration wires on me, and let me 'vibrate' for half an hour. I wanted to sleep through it but keep agitaging thinking i might be 'overcharge'. It was pleasant after a while.
The next session was for detoxing so she applied cream, plastic-wrapped me and make me sleep in a heavy thermo blanket for 30 minutes. I was.. drowsy and drifting i wish it will never end.. Next i went for steam bath, ouhh.. the burning stem!
Great experinece. I losses 1cm around my arm and tummy.(According to the their measurement)

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