Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why women can't read maps?

I manage to drove Shah Alam-Keramat in an hour, safe and smiling, trice!! That was a new exhiliating achievement! Since I used to took more than an hour, (once 2 hours), for the same destination, for the whole one year. Used to get lost, end up at the smart tunnel entrance, or stuck at the streaming cars in Bukit Bintang, or out of nowhere looking up for KLCC for guide. I just don't get it?!! I bought maps! I study road names, recalling landmarks, imagining how routes meet.. and still, it took me one handsome year to at last, familiar with my direction!!
Why women can't reads map? You tell me.
Just bear in minds that i'm not alone! wek!!

1 comment:

Nusantarian said...

Hahahahahaha.. I hate my friend's house at Jalan Istana near Stadium Darul Aman, and Inokom in Kulim because I cant get there in one try =). But no, i dont buy map.. i buy gas.

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