Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Practised Lecturer: Job Satisfaction

This is my proposed topic for my dissertation. I'm only interested on the built environment lectures, and to make my sampling a heaven i'm proposing the built environment faculty in UiTM Shah Alam jer, and, to make matter close to my heart, i'm just going to focus on female lectures, hehe, don't blame me, it's a short semester subject,,
Anyway, the lecturer here is free to practiced, it's a choice. It's a good thing if you ask me. In Built Environment, the experience will speak louder than theories. But is it true, as what i had in mind, that they (the practiced lecturer) have higher job satsfaction than full-time lecturer? The significant of this study will shows that this practiced might be a good thing or otherwise, to the career for lecturers lah. The Significant of this study will also shows me that am i capable to finish what i started?
So erm, i should have finish drafting my literature mid of this mont,.. wish me luck,

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liiproduction said...

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