Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why hurt the people we care?
Why make a hell in her/his life?
Why can’t you stand a bit of nuisance?
Why must the bits turn to mess?
Why hurt the people we love most?
Life is hard enough
Why not make it easier


liiproduction said...

RUS-most of ma personal that u saw ere at ma page this lately is my greeting, mmg ada theme..neva think abt that seriously..x tau plak ada org yg berminat nak collect my (printed) artworks.insyaallah kalaua da permintaan, ill get it done ;-)

life is hard enuf, just hope that MAKIN OTHER PPLES LIFE A TROUBLE is not n escapism of their hard hurtin life~


ruslina said...

yup. people make a mess in others life usually to escape their own mess.... as ugly as it sound, it always happen dat way..

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