Friday, May 23, 2008

Low Fat Diet are High-Carbohydrate Diet

Sounds quite all-rite eh? Wrong.
Firstly, where do we get our carb? A lot of sources, rice, bread, pasta, junk food, so-called nutritious yogurt drink, biscuits, oreos, oatmeal crackers  and all sort of food you can get through the supermarket aisle,. Just read the labels, carb contain is all around us.. and no wonder we have enough carb,  actually, we have excess carb for our body. What happen to our carb? Yes, you might guess carb provide energy, but the thing is with our food style, we have excess carb. Now, Where do these excess carb goes? Let me go biological explain;

From carbohydrate, body absorb sugars, which quickly become glucose. A food full of refined sugar raise blood sugar in our body, and blood sugar must be transport to cells. Once the glucose reach cells, it convert to immediate energy. The remaining is convert into glycogen for later use.. But then, when the glycogen store is filled, guess where the cells transport these excess glucose(carb) It convert the glucose to FAT, which becomes the storage tanks of fat on our belly, thighs, buttocks and elsewhere!!

Wait a minute, aren't fat are to be convert to energy as well? Well, yes, but our body is busy getting energy from our excess carbohydrate that it have no time to think about our fat. And due to the metabolism level that get slower as we age, the fat seem very stubborn. And you get chubbier, despite the exercise and your low fat diet.

All i want to say is Low Fat Diet is not wrong at all, but calories aren't the main contributor to our weight gain. It's the carbohydrate addicted lifestyle. So, i have an option, control your carbohydrate intake, and enjoy all the foods that are rich in fat and protein plus you get to:
1. Lose weight
2. Maintain weight Loss
3. Achieve Good Health
4.Permanent Groundwork for disease prevention

What is more great about this controlled nutritional approach is you can free yourself from hunger, and you can eat until you are pleasantly satisfied. Err... i haven't mention what is the approach eh? It's the Atkins approach. Despite the bad reviews from people who never did it or never even did a research about it, Atkins has help so many people to achieve the forgotten healthiness, cure diabetes and lose weight complimentary. You have to buy the book to practiced it, cos you need to fully understand it before make a step for it.

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rusputih said...

i'm one of the follower i've lost rice for almost 2 weeks..

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