Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Missing Page

Ever wonder why (personal) financial management is a hassle ? Why most people are in critical debt? Its an unspoken shame. Most of us are not money-wise, it was not taught during our early years, they are not even in the SYLLABUS. All we know is saving and saving, and spending wise... is wise a technical words? I have special range of books just to be financial-wise. I'm fully agree the learning should start since kids. If you're a parent i have a book to suggest:

The book was poorly referenced, but it's still a handy book to jump start the youngster about money.
And perhaps you might want to send your kids to the money tree academy:

There are other more missing syllabus, mostly are survival kits for life, as an example knowledge about interpersonal skills, "How to befriends and be liked by friends". Some had to go through very rough teenage years just to learn this by the end of teen age.. some still don't even realize they are hated by others.. On this, i'd love to suggest the book by dale carnegie:

What about Emotional Intelligence skills? How to manage your anger,, how to manage envy,. what is a bully? oh the list is so long i don't even need to mention about sex education;

What about skills to develop personalities...? As example: How to be a cool guy.... well it's -off- the survival needs, but theres so many un-cool guys out there,.. (teenagers are excepted because they're too young and rebellious),,is it because the culture? I dont think so, because there are some (local) charming guys out there, only there are so rare,. too rare,. And these guys might be born with it, or learn by hard, who knows? Its not in the syllabus.

In school, we learn language, math, science,.. we learn to respect the older(what is respect), we learn that we should help the blind cross roads... (thats a dangerous event for a kid!) :) hey-he, i'm not making fun of the current system, just hoping the system will always evolve time to time, and perhaps one day my kids don't have to learn add math only to be abandoned later throughout the years ahead ;p
And although we've all gone pass the system, its never too late to learn more, and start improve life,

The knowledge is out there, waits to be discovered,.


Nusantarian said...

Already a habit to most of us not to manage our financial.. i got improved a bit after earn my own money. sayang nak pakai pulak =x

Btw they should have book on other habit which is not serious but irritating. Such as `huh?' everytime I said anything, because im sure he hears and understands it, its just his habit that makes me repeat myself everytime =)

ruslina said...

you dont like to repeat your own line over and over again?
you mean its a waste to repeat words?
you mean i can irritate you by repeat this over and over again?

Anonymous said...

Some people just does that, and others irritates.. OK OK.. i need book not to feel irritated =)

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