Friday, September 12, 2008

Chef Movies

Kitchen can really make good movie plots.  The chaotic world of kitchen, with chef and his kitchen porters/assistants, the people, the dining, the setting of dining, and the presentation of foods itself can make you fascinate, then comes the drama, and the conflicts. Ratatouille is a great watch. And although the tittle is so not cool, and i'm so not into catherine zeta-jones, 'No Reservation' is a lovely movie. I'd love to watch it again and again. 
Besides movies, kitchen can also make a great TV show, Iron Chef and all lots of cooking shows. You don't have to be a cook to love cook shows, nowadays. Siputeh has always wastin' her hours watching people cooking on the afc channel, she watch 'em like an evening drama. And the recipes never yet reach the kitchen, he-he,.
I remember an episode of the iron chef, where the challenge is to cook bamboo shoots a.k.a rebung?!! ha-ha, all i know about rebung is masak lemak or as salad. but those great chef turn it into three different dishes each, includes a desert, if i'm so not mistaken. they were great! chef are sexy!

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PastaQueen said...

Sorry this is not related to your post, but I couldn't find you contact information on your blog. Thank you so much for linking to my site from you blog. I appreciate the link love. Could I ask a small favor though? Two weeks ago I changed the name of the blog from "Half of Me" to "PastaQueen". Could you update your link to reflect this change? I'd be very grateful. Thanks!

Hmm, I think I will check out that Aaron Eckhart movie. He is yummy. :)

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