Sunday, October 05, 2008

Aidilfitri: Shopping

It was too late to have my own tailored baju raya, but the ready mades are great buys too.You can still get the best from local boutiques, e.g: Pin Fashion.

No kad raya posting this year, but i've manage to hand mail some to friends and lecturers. Surprisingly, i didnt get one also.

A week before raya is agreat time for a last minute shopping. Its because at this end of Ramadhan week people start getting bonus and duit Raya, relatives are back home so its merrier together. You have to bear the traffic though, we even had major traffic load in our little Alor Star. After of all blooming malls, oh why oh why do we always opt for the only mall we recognise since kids?

+Shopping at the since childhood mall: the Pacific+

This year is my first year of me giving angpaus! So i manage to get the freshly baked duit raya from the bank and nice free sampul raya from banks and malls.

Eve of Aidilfitri
Pelita raya for this year!!
Kids went krazy for bunga api and mercun. We got plenty of them in Kedah, the patrol is restless.

The last day of Ramadhan, and the beginning of an overwhelming celebration! Hari Raya adalah untuk mereka yang Berpuasa!

+ + + + + + + + + +
Jika ditanya (rakan2 lelaki) sama ada puasa penuh atau tidak, sentiasa aku jawap, 'mestilah penuh' dengan konfiden. Soalan yang sembarangan sesuailah dengan jawapan yang semborono. Siapa mereka untuk bertanya soalan itu? Puasa aku adalah antara aku dan Tuhan.

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