Monday, October 20, 2008

Relationship: Complicated

She fell in love, really fell in love at last, it shows on her face, it shows on the her light steps, but how could i, how could i be happy? When this charming person she love, is, unfortunately, married.
Who am i to be angry at? It her life. The least i can do is show some empathy, when the others sneering and hating. I felt sorry for her, it is a struggle, to be accepted, it is even a struggle to keep believe that she deserve some happiness. I felt sorry for the wife, too. How hard it is to keep the faith in marriage, when the husband is having an affair. How hard it is be ignorance, knowing the husband is spending (money and time) for the other women.
Where are all this young bachelor? Where are they when they are needed, fully equipped with charm and tender, with respect and energy, with sense and sweet words, to swept this girls, all in cloud nine, then in a steady ground... So these girls won't be caught in the love triangle, giving up so much, just to be loved.
With all this complicated relationship, I just have to blame the other single men,. that make themselves so out of the competition..

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