Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Spring-Leaf, Alor Star

Too much rumours about this cafe so we really had to try it. Located at the BDB shoplots kanchut, its a new cafe at the opposite wing from Old Town White Coffee. The ambiance is pleasantly nice. We have tried the cafe signature meals:
Springleaf Chicken Chop RM9
Marinated Chicken Grilled RM11
Hot Chocolate RM6
Vanilla Coffee Ice Blended RM6
Cappuchino RM6
The food portion is quite small but the food was great! And for a price like that we'd love to be a regular there. If only they could cut the drinks price. The chef is a small Malay guy, and the food presentation was 5 stars rate. The owner is a young Chinese designer, he even design the cafe himself.


yi ya ni said...

aku baru jer terperasan springleaf ni petang tadi.. sebab red light.. kena benti.. tertoleh kanan.. ahaks.. mungkin perlu mencuba juga.. mungkin..

ruslina said...

aaa,.. ajak la aku pegi skali mem,lagipun kan... old town sudah lain macam la,, the toast, the honey lemon tea, even my fav hor fun pun rasa lain. what happen ma?

kel@mbu said...

serius x pnah lepak oldtown astaq lagi.. tup2 dh ada springleaf.. tiba2 semangat berkobar2.. tp kena tggu blk kg la.. aduii..

ruslina said...

yerla, hang kan orang kuat iman koteow, huhu.. ish.. lama benor tak pi iman. takda org nak ajak aku ka?, takpa, takpa, tunggu aku bukak kedai sendiri,

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