Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crazy Year!!

One crazy year, we'll see about it!!
I'm talking about weddings, graduation, traveling, business in progress, and all the unfinish dreams are looking forward for appearance this years,, grrr, scary and tempting! Erm, lets take a ride into my fortune teller,,,,
feijurah: robe with board and cakes and gown :))
yiyani: patterns and colors and more lenses in action!
mushangue: i'm seeing london in you ;p
shana: cakes and music and all things brights
uswah: loud and easy with all things right
bad: new ride in a shiny wheels
shila: cakes and gown and all things nice
puteh: i hear acrazy symphony in you
gm: colourful country and all the shopping bags
yana: robe and boards and traveling kits


HiDayah said...

wahwah....kena la tonton movie shopaholic huhuhu

yi ya ni said...

2009.. yeahh.. juki's friend is sooo complicated.. or maybe i'm not destined to use it??

clicking shutter is much more easier.. lalala

but then again.. it's still january..

ruslina said...

shopaholic ka?hg takpe la gm, kota metropolitan, movie keluar ja leh terus tgk... aku di negeri jelapang padi ni kena tunggu agak2 movie dah basi baru leh tgk, haha,
yani, never say never, yeargh! ;p

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