Monday, April 06, 2009

Marley and Me: Satu Coretan Hidup

I never wanted to watch this movie, dogs are not my favorite movie character, and so is Jennifer Aniston. Then i happen to read the reviews and realize it was based from a book. So i bought a DVD. I think its a very content movie, i'm more interested on the journey of the newly wed john grogan (owen wilson) and his wife (aniston). Moreover it was based on an autobiography book;, real people with real problems and real fight and real love to keep in a marriage.
I adore marriage that still holding up despite everythings, i adore loves that stays and heals marriage. And that's why i watch the movie twice by now, it cheers me. Happily ever after ending is not impossible.


HiDayah said...

love this movie jugak.

Anonymous said...

time to think seriously to get married.. clock is ticking.. tick tick tick..

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