Monday, October 05, 2009

It's October

Post 1
The rain is pouring heavily. Dad's in Padang with the PBSM team. I'm worried sometimes, but i trust he'll be okay, as he always does. It's been a while since i last post to my blog, i was hooked on facebook,. it was quite a phenomena for me , at least,, in FB you get feedbacks quickly,, like sms. and you browse pictures quickly too., its hard not to cyberstalk people. i had this one particular girl whom i stalk almost every new pic of her appeared. she's just superhot. its a little bit of gorgeous, a bit of sexy, a bit of biatch that make ones appeared hot in virtual world. in reality though, she might just be as innocent. who knows? i havents met her for years.
Post 2
Need to get a financial advisor, tapi belum ada masa nak ke sana.. nak kena comply documents etc. I aim to be totall financially independant. Preparing to get in the investment world.


yi ya ni said...

why are u stalking a girl?? hahaha

anna said...

looking for a fashionitta ,,, heck,, i'm in the modelling agency,;p
,,,, but,, girls always stalk girls for soooo many reasons,,,

yi ya ni said...

indeed.. ;P~

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