Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Honeymooners

Redzuan has always wanted Europe for honeymoon, and but i'm more to asia and sun and beach and breakfast. Then, again, i've visited most part of nortern asia and perhaps Europe would be a nice change. I would love cultural visit and the British slang, which makes London the perfect match for us. The biggest draw is we haven't booked our tickets,, yes,, we should, about six months ago,,.

Anyway, i'm planning to put up a honeymoon registry... but since our local agent don't provide that, it's more of Honeymoon donation , if my family (dad) allowed.

It's not in our culture to put up such donation, BUT it's not againts the culture as well, so, why not?,,,


rusputih said...

kind of cool la. though at first rasa mcm kesiannya.

ruslina-redzuan said...

gooood,,, one vote out of 5.

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