Monday, February 22, 2010

Hula Hoop

Pic: Circus Smirkus Performance 2006
Alas, a new skill: Hooping! I never could do it before, never thought a persisten practice could make me hoop,, It's part of exercise coz they say hooping will shape waist. The 2"thick weighted hula hoop is made of rattan, it's huge! and quite a weight. Benefits of exercise with hula hoops:

Massages your intestines and organs as it circles your waist

Allows for meditative time

Gets your heart rate up

Increases the fitness level of the entire body

Increases the flow of blood to the brain

Increases energy level

Improves coordination

Strengthens torso muscles

Enhances spinal flexibility

1 comment:

yi ya ni said...

hooping into a new life.. walla~

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