Thursday, October 21, 2010

another aspiring writer

I love books but currently hook up to paperless mode: since i upload an apps called wattpad; great aspiring writers worldwide. i can even read in the dark :)
oh and now i'm working my first draft novel. how cool is that?

i havent upload my draft in any online tools. because i need to polish it well... Darn,, these girls in the wattpad are just in high school, and when i read my draft, i sound like them. i even used their word lol<---- see what i mean? and my main character could never reach twenty years old!! oooohhh... :O
yes i'm not supposed to be critical since, this is my 2nd attempt to write(a novel or sort). my last attempt was when i was in high school. i think that was the first and last... until now.
what happened to the long silence years? i guess ive been studying and during that time ... i've been busy drafting assignments :)

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