Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Compile post for 2011!!

1. This is our little darling. She's almost 9 months and as plump as a little bug. She loves getting choked at random items; books, papers, keys, pens you amed it.. With her arrival into the world, we are aunties , uncles ,maktok , tok wan, pakngah, mak ngah, pak teh(anas), pak tam(bashir), ucu (adam)..

2. This is bashir; he get 5As in UPSR; a bright kid, sadly he is not going to leave Jitra--yet. So he is now in Sek Men Sains Kubang Pasu. yeah, great school.; whatever.. I'm not blaming him though, the kid is too young to understands he is substituting the school for his own family. He is the victim of those who thinks they know what best for him; better than jugement of his own father. boo hoo enough with this emo post!
i hope we - will get through this and we won't live in hatred because The Messenger Muhammad saw teach us to live in harmony and care for relationship.

This is his new school. Big and New! Enjoy!
3. This is anas with his new art piece- see he is doing great- credits to his great art teacher - me. haha. I'm polishing him to create his own stroke of art; a masterpiece.
4. So i'm in Toastmaster, i've done my seven speech projects. I'm planning to finish my speech project by April to get my competance communicator award. I haven't successfully 'recruite' members because yah, when you are busy all the other thing will come your way. Its hard to make commitment. Me going to the meetings are mostly as a club responsibility.


iza said...

ermm.. ur lil darling tu.. nine weeks or nine month? hehe

Anna said...

tq ! :)

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