Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rich Friends

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1. If you want to be pious muslim- befriends with those who are pious. Believe me, someway another they will affect you in a good way. I remembered in my college days, my dear friends woke me up for Subuh prayers and Sahur. Ya, to you it might sound simple and out of responsibility - but for me, waking up at 4 or 6am is a big deal.

2.This simple rules applies to a wide range of 'needs' too. If you want to be educated-befriends with the educated people. If you want to be optimist and energetic- befriends with the positive thinking people and the energetic minds. If you want to be a great blogger-visit other blogs and 'befriends' with them. This doesn't mean its the only way- duh. it's one of the good and practical advice.

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3.So this simple rules also apply to-if you wish to be rich-befriends with the riches. Dears- i dont asked you to ditch off your not so rich friends -- ?!! -- but if you are willing to befriends the unfortunate people, the poors, the drug addicts, the mat rempit, the discoDiva, the alchoholika, the suicider, etc- then you should not have the discrimination to those who are on the opposite side, shouldnt' you? if you can befriends the 'worst'- then you shouldn't against to befriends the 'best'. Because if you do, then you are a very sad, sad, person.

4. Back to- if you wish to be rich-befriends with the riches. The logic ideas behind this philosophic term is, first, i've heard about a person who did this- and success. An ex-colleague told us about this person- how he started as an unknown and climb the success stairs to be a very well known businessman just by believing in this principle. Well i might be exaggerate it ; this is not his only principle of course !?  And the second logic is- when you befriends those who are out of your circle- you tends to learn more in that field and moreover you'll find more opportunities. 

Now what you can do is. List out clearly what you want in your life,  analyse your circle of contacts and get out from your comfort zone!

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