Sunday, February 13, 2011

Small Details for wedding

Since  mine has been a foregone a while ago; i have these unachieved wedding details i was so keen. So i will contribute some for my little sis wedding in future. This is exciting!
1. Fan programs are a perfect option if you are planning an outdoor summer wedding. Martha Stewart
2. Cootie Catcher programs will take all your guests back to their youth. A fun way to keep guests busy while waiting. San Diego Wedding Insider

3. Booklets are a great solution you if have a lot you want to share with you guests. They can provide endless pages neatly bounded. Paper Tastebuds
4. Paper bags double as way to display the program and a place to keep flower petals for guests to throw after the ceremony.  Elizabeth Ann Designs

5. A fan deck lays-out everything from wedding location, wedding party, ceremony, menu and thank yous to guests all in one bundle. San Diego Wedding Insider
6. Chair program pockets ensure that every guests receives a program at their seat and adds a personal touch. Paisley Quill


7. Scroll programs take a simple, single page layout and adds some flair. There are endless paper and ribbon option to incorporate your color scheme. The Knot
8. Bow programs take a simple strip of paper displayed in a cute, compact way with endless color options.  Martha Stewart
*the list was copied from flourish event design

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