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women of jannah

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Marriage is a sacred institution in Islam. Once a muslim is married, he has fullfiled half of the religion. And he has to find the other half to qualify himself to enter Jannah (Paradise). A wife has many advantages in Islam. Muhammad s.a.w said that "A woman will enter Jannah if she passes away when her husband is pleased with her" (Tirmudhi vol 1 pg 219). It sounds simple because it should be. As a woman who hopes for Jannah, pleasing her husband should be her mission through out her life. Below are some extract of what a women ought to be as a wife:

 1. She should beautify herself for her husband. Islam condem women who make effort to dress up nicely for her employer, colleague, friends and for the public; but when she is at home, she dress shabbily. Men by nature like beautiful women, and it is unfortunate if the wife don't take this seriously.

 2. She should respect her husband. When you respect someone you don't backchat him, you look highly upon him, you listen what he has to say, you don't show your anger etc. Disagreement also has a way, to avoid dispute in marriage. When you disagree with your boss do you belittle him? Do you snap at his words? Do you quarrel? No. You will find the best time and the best method to talk to the boss. If you can have this nicely prepared approach with the boss(or anyone in high ranking) then you should also know that a husband has this right to be respected too. You are not suppose to quarrel like as an equal, despite whose fault is it, because if you do the husband will less respect you.

 3. She should love her husband. With love you will forgive and overlooked his shortcomings. With love you will care your husband. You will share his happiness and be understandnable when he is upset. Love will conquer everything. Love will make you patience.

 4. She should prepare a warmth home. As conventional as it look, its a wife responsibility to make her home comfortable. He should be home to find his beautiful wife, a nice and clean home.

 5. She should makes the husband as the King. This covers all the above four. As a king, wife should always pleased her husband. A husband should be happy whenever he reaches home and see his wife. A husband should feel loved and respected by the wife and the children. A husband should feel he has his own kingdom.

The prophet Muhammad s.a.w has mentioned "if i were to command anyone to prostrate (sembah) to another human, i would have certainly commanded a wife to prostrate to her husband". If a woman successfully treat her husband just like a king, not only she will be promised a Jannah, but the husband will mostly returned this great honour by making the woman as his Queen. And believes me, to be loved (like aqueen) by the person who you love so dearly is a the greattest happiness one can achieve in this world.

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