Monday, August 22, 2011

My Dream Birth

I read and studied about natural birth. I search internet i joined forum i buy book. My dream birth was to deliver the baby with as less medical intervertion as possible. As less painful as possible.
Look at me in the picture; happy and confident. Less that i know my birth story would be different.
The best part was i manage to deliver baby vaginally. The baby is safe and i feel so much better after birth. Despite episiotomy i don't have any other worries. No other pain, just constipation.
No one told me contraction will be painful. I understand why my dream less-painful-birth didn't work;
- i didn't have ample time to practice and perform relaxation; deep breath etc
-my movements were limited
-my option of positions were limited
-repeat visit by nurses(poking!)
and so on.
But i don't understand why some people can give birth with ease? Aren't they lucky?
They must be a reason for the pain women have to endure. One thing for sure is to be reminded of the pain our mothers bear and to show kindness and offer prayers for our parents.
Then there are also rewards from Allah for women who experiences the hardship of labour:
-when a pregnant women starts to feel the pain from contraction, Allah swt writes in her records as someone who is doing jihad
-as women gift birth she gets the reward of 70years of salat and fasting
-for each vein that feels pain Allah swt gives her the rewarf of accepted hajj.
With all these rewards i would for sure opt for another birth!!

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