Monday, September 26, 2011

Mom's Little Ones

Yesterday was my first day pumping trial at the office. Pretty excited to bring home fresh stock for little Mika. Everything was ready- the pump- the bottles- the cooler bag - the quiet room all for myself. Then i started my madela pump---errr--- not working?!! Ooh my, i accidently left the pumping vaulve at home- sigh- frustrating. No no no. This is not happening again! I need to pump or i will missed my pumping schedule.

Then i remember the marmet techniques- hand pumping. I said to myself; why not? Just give it a try! So i did. And to my surprise (it still surprises me!) it works like wonders! The outcome is like using electric pump the only drawback is your hand will ach afterwards :) Lenguh la sikit!

The Mom's Little Ones bottles makes me smile- there are little (2oz each) which make it easy to hold and it motivate you to see such progress (because the smaller size). It has coloured cap so i can put aside one colour for next pumping session.
I manage to get 7oz(waa!!) that noon and put those little bottles in the my little cooler bag. Hooray for my first pumping day at the office!!

P/s: If you are new to breastfeeding please don't be discourage. I'm exclusively bf for 2months now- i remember my first 3weeks without milk - its frustrating. Especially when you see the others' babies started to breastfed immediately after birth!


Asna said...

i also luv marmet n learned it by picture from the's so inportant for emergency case..hehe..the production was amazing too..if can, just continue marmet for a few minutes after your pumping session to get more milk..u easily can get another 1-2 oz from both side..

Anna said...

cool. taqk sangka boleh marmet byk tu!

Asna said... sesetengah orang,boleh je survive dgn marmet smp 2thun..hehe..saya xmampu kot..

yi ya ni said...

harus lengan berotot pasni,, heeeeee

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