Friday, November 11, 2011

Breastfeeding is not about being cool, it is the right thing to do.

I don't see what's the fuss of breastfeeding. It just don't clicked to my head. There are plenty of years-studied formula milk in the market why would you want to resort to breastfeeding? Kids grew up happily and healthy with infant's milk. Even when i read about breasfeeding it just dont inspire me. That was months ago when i was pregnant and trying to justify why the need to breastfeed.

Less that i know our society was a victim of formula milk industry. The industry has been fostering the idea of baby's milk for years without we realizing it. Over the years mothers or mom to be(s) get free samples of formula milk when they visit ginae. TV advertisements 'teaching' mom the need of good milk- what they mean is their infant formula milk. Its a norm for new parents to shop formula milk in supermarket and stores. Big malls offering deals on formula milks. That product comes in lots of atrractive brands and prices. You can find formula milk in almost every home with babies.
It is a valuable industry in Malaysia.
Bak kata orang melayu 'industri yang sangat rancak'.

Sadly, these results a society that think formula milk as norm-a must have. We are one of the victims. We and some other third world contries. If you ever come to a campaign add on boicott nestle- read about it. You'll be enlighten.
(You should google about this campaign- just type nestle kills babies)
Formula milk should be the last option. In certain situation where the mom is not available, died, sick, baby's alergy etc. or maybe the baby has grow up etc. In Islam there is an option of ibu susu. I don't know how to practice that in out society but Nabi Muhammnad saw was fed by ibu susu for two years. That shows us the goodness of breasfeeding, even if its not by the baby's own mom.

Someone told me in the US its hard to find formula milk in the store. Is that info still relevant? I dont know. But it seems the western women has gone far ahead in understanding whats the best for their babies.

In my humble observation, long time ago we breastfeed babies. The the modern age came and people started to leave breastfeeding. But nowadays- thank to Allah, breastfeeding has become popular again- credits to the lactation consultants and mothers who share their experience in blogs. Hospital has been 'rakan bayi' again with the practice of teaching moms to breastfeed and not allowing formula milk in the Hospital. People are more aware of this movement. Working moms buying gadgets to express milk and storing them. Informations are more available in the internet. Malaysian moms should take advantage of these and start to breastfeed again, or at least encourage others to breastfeed. Don't feel offended if you choose to formula milk. But please don't discourage women who chose to braestfeed; or struggling to.

Breastfeeding is not about being cool. It is the right thing to do.

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