Saturday, August 03, 2013

Two years of parenthood

This is the result of our two years parenthood: a very vibrant, restless boy. The first 2 years is very fragile years. They are still considered as baby. They have restrict diet. You don't want to be too protective at the same time you don't want to be a neglectful parent. Raising in different culture will make you faces a lot of contradict opinions.

Most of the time people will always say you're doing it wrong. Dont do this. Dont do that. Shouldnt do that. Should have done this way. Jangan mandi air sejuk. Jangan biasakan anak dgn air suam. Biar anak tak pakai kasut. Jgn bg anak main tak pakai kasut. Jangan itu jangan ini. Buat itu buat ini.

When you dont have kids you'll tend to give your opinions based on what you heard or read. When you have kids you make your opinion louder.

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