Friday, June 27, 2014

My Friday

It's Friday. I found a good website on Tafseer. Insyallah its based on Quran and Sunnah. I read it together with reciting Al-Kahfi. The link is The content is in Malay, written by a student recording his Ustadz teaching. The writing is simple yet very detail. I found it very beneficial for someone like me who couln't attend classes. May Allah guide us and make it easy for us to learn the deen. 

The kids are sleeping. This is my free hours to do my things!! No household please!!

I cut my hair, on my own as usual. My Uni friends used to freak out when I told them. And eventually I realized cut your own hair is not common. Well, it took me less than 5 minutes and zero ringgit to get it done. Not that I'm proud of the outcome. (wasn't bad)

Picture from The land of Milk and Honey
I'm preparing warm fresh milk. Warm the fresh milk, stir in honey and a pinch of salt. Got this idea from a YouTube video, or you can go to her blog. The tittle of her post/video is 5 Tips to help you wean your toddler without drama.

Yes I know this post is unstructured. I'm rushing time before the two wake up.

Just a quick progress report. Mika has wean of nap time breastfeeding. Aisha is doing well with her bottle training. I have about one week before starting to work. I'm potty training Mika as well. yesterday he manage to poop in the potty. Big deal. Today he peed in the potty. and once on his playmate. I don't feel I can successfully potty trained him. but at least he knows taht he can control his bladder (menari-nari tahan kencing, refused to potty)

Enjoying my delicous, rich, warm milk. 

Perhaps I should change the banner to "Happiness is a cup warm milk and a time to blog"

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