Monday, September 17, 2007


TAGGED BY DearWednesday
5 things in my bag
keys . a pen . a diary . handphone . purse
5 things in my purse/wallet
myCard . licenes . matrix card .photos .ringgits .receipts . namecards . bank cards . banyak lah!!
5 fav things in my room
my bed . my bantal-bantal yang empuk . my quilt . my laptop . my roomates
5 things i wish to do
to publish a book . to be rich . to date in the London Eye . to skate at the frozen river . to organize a splendid wedding
5 things i am working on
trying to keep up with the current movies in cinema . try to spend more time with family/extended family members . get fit and fabulous . finishing my courseworksss . updating my blog with every darn seconds
5 persons i want to tag?
emmm.... roshiloh . cik daun . ayub kelubi . RO . Ismail Rahmat? hehe

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