Monday, September 17, 2007

You'll have me suicidal, suicidal

Ever felt suicidal?
I bet most of us does. At least once in our teenage years.
But how many had dared to actually take the step?
To take that blade? To step at the building edge?
How many have succeeded? How many attempts have failed?
Suicidal attempt, especially among teenagers is not an issue to be joke for. The victims must have a reason, regardless how ridiculous it was. It is very disrespectful for simply judging the poor soul as being stupid and attention suckers, because they are young and attention is a basic need. Somewhere in his life, somehow something went wrong and he doesn’t get the attention he needs. Attention from his peers, parents, or from any honest heart.
I think we who say bad things to the suicidal victims are attention seekers as well. We are jealous because he/she was dare/stupid enough to take action that draws attention! We are envious. And hateness spurs in our head. And we as well, have something wrong somewhere, because we can’t even present the slightest pity to the young victims.


ayobkelubi said...

tapi bukan kah bunuh diri dalam islam conform burn in hell?.

tapi itulah dia. the most fear action kalau kena major depression kan?.

i always imagined myself being hit by a commuter. hahahaha.

anna-redz said...

hit by a commuter?
aduuh... why not something yang tak ngeri sket? yang cute sket macam telan pil berlebihan ke?
anyway, saya memang tak sokong apa2 pun alasan untuk suicide ini.
cuma berharap agar kita jangan hilang rasa belas. cubalah korek di lubuk hati dan cari perasaan belas. jangan kita kejam sebagaimana dia kejam terhadap nyawanya sendiri. !! thank you for your comment!!!

liiproduction said...

life is pretty damn easy..get your 'MANUAL'!! n do it RIGHT!

ruslina said...

haha, that's a one cristal clear option, unfortunately mr lii, not all of us can take it easy, include those who really enjoy dramas in life!! patheticcly pityful.

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