Monday, October 29, 2007

sunshine and birds

welcome sunshine welcome cute birds!!
exactly at 1730 hours all of my senses come back to live,
the rain smells so nice, the soup taste so good,
friends look so beautiful,
the catfish in that dark container,
the carrots that's so bright!!
beauty, sensious momments,..
one complete task,
one more term to bear with,
one happy heart,
let me in love with my day first!


liiproduction said...

ruslina-hey thre ruslina..thanx fer yer visit to ma lil page thr at glad thatcha like that post n others too..yeup, all by not really gud in writin..but hell i got ma own say, n ma own way to speak maself out..hope evrybody got me the correct way..being a best student is not the real meaning of formal REALLY get the REAL meaning of it, is to understand your course..being the best of the best among OTHERS is not the MOST important thing in this world, in this life..the MOST IMPORTANT ting is to be the best for the best YOU can..get yer responsibility to urself done..the outcome is up to HIM to decide.dontcha agree?im doin whut i wanna do THE MOST in MY HAPPY with it..n giving MY BEST in whuteva im doin..s for that one day when i died, imm happy to do whut i REALLY WANNA DO IN MA LIFE...n be happy fer GIVIN MY VERY BEST (eventho its not gud enuuf, or not the best among others)..i take whut HE gave me s a ere i am, doin my thing, my own way..perhaps this is how i PAY HIM BACK fer the lil talent HE ever gave me ;-) keep in touch, yeah?? nice havin ya around :)

liiproduction said...
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ruslina said...

could'nt agree more! i do prefer a more slow and understanding laerning through my student years,, which does not help much with my result, still satisfactory is a much better feeling, thouh i envy some easy achiever, everyone does wants a least one 'trophy' kan,

liiproduction said...

life is the BEST teacher..the BEST takes your WHOLE LIFE, baby!~ satisfactory is subjective..lets just suit our selves with our diff meanin of it :) evrybody got their very own unique talent..take yer time to figure out yours~ whut ya really BESt at :) being my ownself is the TROPHY i ever wanted!~ i fought fer LONG to that :) now ALL THE BEST to ya, gurl~ :)

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