Thursday, October 25, 2007

super weight loss challenge

mission: to loss 10kg in 2 months
this is a krazy challenge, but with the helps of some weight loss stuff, a peoper diet, exercise and a constant motivation, i really am looking forward for this to happen. so far i manage to reduce my rice intake, do the 20 minutes jogs, and order plain water when dine out. i havent got the chance to go to the gym yet, its final exam week. but hey, its just day 4. weight loss support tools? just a daily herbal tea and za wonder shape cream. i need more support and tips from friends, though.


gm said...

puasa enam la che rus..hehehe

gm yg malas nak log in

ruslina said...

tips yang paling baik... tapi haritu aku posa sebulan gm, makin teruk ada lah.... bukan sebab hakikatnya puasa itu, tetapi sebab diri sendiri yang enggan berpisah dengan makanan..!!! anyway, aku maybe nak cuba juga lah!!

liiproduction said...

i always adore pple who wanna get a gud body shape (talkin bout girls ere)..n always give 'em my FULL SUPPORT..ive talk to so many girls & women bout this topic..give them advices & evrythin i got its own diff meanin to diff its up to ya to put it YOUR WAY..

1) WOMEN WHO WANNA LOSE WEIGHT (becoz they cant help themselves to see BIG NUMBERS!
havin a great body shape & body weight is NOT about the NUMBER ya see..but the SHAPE those in this group, RULE #1 - START FERGET BOUT NUMBERS & start to WORK OUT!

2) start workin on FIGURING YER BODY SHAPE..which & where to workout more..which n where to lose or get in proper shape..sumtimes women told me "i jog everyday, i lose ma weight abit, but stil im not in a gud shape"..i told them, thats not the idea..jog keeps yer stamina high & sumtimes it helps to muscle up yer legs..there r diff exercises to shape diff part of yer body..go & find them AFTER ya had figure out yer body.

3) to really lose weight, there r always few diff ways..extreme, healthy, safe diet & ways..i wud strongly suggest to all women to avoid pills & strong drugs..thre r no sucha thing of looing weight by just takin those or simply not eating! exercise & workout is yer key to a great bodyshape!

4) dont get it wrong again!


(ya dont have to blve me, coz after all,im just a..)

the SKINNY devil,

ruslina said...

oh oh, thank you mr skinny devil, its good to get support, see,
yah i think i hav to get easy with the numbers, and yes i'm doin' my best to stay on track with my work-out 'schedule'!! work out really makes my head activated, hhehe,

Anonymous said...

all the VERY best to ya, gurl~ :)

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