Tuesday, December 11, 2007

fragile heart

how can someone so insensitive tends to be so fragile?
i just don't understand. take Laylapunchua as a very good example. she forgets important dates, she is so stupid at romantic dates, she is so dumb at consoling and handling emotion hearts, she donts mind her words as long as she can deliver her message, she is also a slow learner on how to get along with people,
At first glance, Laylapunchua sounds like a girl with no emotional software in her heart.
But then, when something out of her control struck, she tends to be so emotional breakdown, that it worries her. she suppose to be the ignorant girl who can takes problem with rationality. what is wrong with me? Laylapunchua comes to me with this question. i said, this is a universal problem. why so? cause i am so. suppose we are the only two person? impossible.impossible,

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