Saturday, December 22, 2007

i want to be...

i want to be a writer, a children book writer,
i want to be a painter, hung my piece in a my own gallery,
i want to be drifter, travel the globe with my backpack,
i want to be a wedding planner, sweet and spice the brides shall be,
i want to be a crafter, stuff toys and cards can't be any cuter,
i want to be an athelet, rock climbing what adores me much,
i want to be a chain-cafe owner, rows of bookshelves and a brewed coffee corner,
i want to own a plant nursery, a garden of bushes and pretty flowers,
i want to be a photographer, snaps and shoots whenever i could,
i want to have a kindergarten, designing my own silibus,
can someone be everything?

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