Monday, March 24, 2008

Cupping @ Bekam

Sound so conventional but it has since gaining interest lately as it associate with beauty as well. It's an ultimate beauty miracle, said the girl who did me the cupping. 'Everyone is doing it, Celebrities doing it,' she continue. It was a freaking experience i dare not tell why because i don't want to freak the beginners out. But its almost painless i can assure you that, just need to put extra guts. As i said earlier, it's an ultimate beauty treatment, as it draws the the useless @ dirty blood (its blood, yes its your actual blood) from your body. That treatment is said to make your body more tends to beauty flawless skin, solve the migraine problem, PMS. Face cupping available too, good to clear all the pimples, sinus, etc. Other parts of body cupping are to eliminate double chin, excess fat etc. Sound too good to be true?
Try the D'Lugano at Jln Renang, 13/26 Sec 13 Shah Alam. The beauty spa is Bali Style and its a total beauty! A total new ambiance once you go inside, the saloon, the reflexology area, the massage area, the tub, the sauna area even the washroom is fully 'Bali' furnished.

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