Monday, March 24, 2008

Wall Climbing at Shah Alam 13

The Extreme Park in Shah sec 13 @ Alam Batu Tiga @ next to the stadium is a heaven for youth and the not so youths as well. Owned by the MBSA, the park is fully managed by a team of youths who also active participating the sports, I believe the park is in very good hands. Climbing walls, Skate Court, Bicycle Rent & Routes, Jogging Routes, recently the Paintball Jungle, you name it. Its all there for a very very affordable price for items such as climbing gears renting, bicycle renting etc. I'm there for the height challenge! Fascinating! Sunday afternoon is packed with families and babes, lovers and wanderers, so happening, quite a crowd, but i just been told that the park is open daily at 11am. Cool! And guess what, it has start operating for the last 8 months, where was I all this time?! For Climbing you need a few essentials thing, wear a stretchable pants, rent the climbing gears, get someone to will make sure you won't fall a.k.a a belayer, and a very huge amount of guts, courage and a wanting so badly to reach the top.

What is great about wall climbing is it allow climbers to try new routes whenever they want and increase their difficulty level at their own pace. That if to compare the rock climbing on actual rock (read: batu cave) which is, totally ROCKS!!

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