Thursday, June 05, 2008

Forever 21 | Forever 27

aku: You know puteh, why don't it's called forever 27?
puteh: Can't be.
aku: Why not? I'll upah you to make all these nice cloth pastu i sell it by that name. At 27 people afford to buy things. They have jobs.(money)
puteh: Can't be. They would prefer the by the younger name.
aku: 27 is still good age. A young age.
puteh: (not listening. not even care. 27 is old)

emm. I would like to be forever 27. I have everything at 27.


rusputih said...

puteh: ok la..but the market's not for young adult anymore..
btw nice logo(logo ker tu) but its too colorful n looks cheap! not very suit the 'sophisticated' tag line..heheehee..

ruslina said...

em, ive been thinking about sophisticated too, and it just don't suit.

the devil himself said...

im stil & always YOUNG!~ age is just a number, so why givva damn? ENJOY yer LIFE & RAWK yer WORLD, gals!~

Anonymous said...

jgn di cari bekal yg kita sangkakan bekalan..tapi syg yg teramat syg, ianya bukan bekalan pn utk kita=)

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