Saturday, June 21, 2008

A cup of Coffee and a good Book

I read some really good books,from siputeh's collection. Here are some of my recommendation:

1. The Road of LostInnocence by SomalyMam
it's a true story about the evil scenario in Cambodia where they not only disrespect women but also the nasty practice of selling daughters to brothel and force into prostitution. sick society!somaly mam used to be a victim but now she has the opportunity to make a different. (i just a bit dissapointed she did not really credited her ex husband for her to be able to reach this point, nor did she deny it). anyway the kids there need help as even the government is so much corrupted. this is not about what happen in the past, but is what happening at this right moment. sick sick society! and always take malaysia for granted.

2. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah
if you've watch the blood diamond movie, well this is something like it, only it was written by the child soldier himself, started on his first memory of war at his town, how he never saw his family again, end up with kids, how he end up as child soldier. how rotten is child soldier, killings and blood, no mercy, no survivors,. and one of the interesting part is how he was taken into rehabilitation, the recovery process is quite interesting, as the rehab intends to 'neutralize' the rebel in these kids. it was a fresh reading.

3. Hidden bt Cathy Glass
Cathy Glass is a care provider, as a 'keluarga angkat' i supposed, in malaysia, the different is the care giver in UK is much more systematic, well educated and very concern of the kids in care. i like the simple word used by cathy glass, and how she used her experience in care to describe the many perspective of kids, like why is the kid being cornful, use abusive words, angry and hungry,. in this book cathy glass told an interesting story about a kid name Tayo. it was a great story,. anyone would cry reading this.


the devil himself said...

salamz..hi thr anna~ sorry fer the GREAT DELAY fo ma reply..been abit busy wth works & shits~ but now the DEVIL is BACK!~ >:)

the devil himself said...

the book reviews sounds gud~ i bet yave been readin alot, dontcha? so how r ya, gurl? whuts the latest update from yer side? :)

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