Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nenek dan Kelahiran-ku

I was born January the 25th, In Tunjang Jitra, It was stated at my birth cert, i was born in the very house my mom was raised,. in the hand of a bidan,. Mom was scared of doctor/hospital, it was her first labor experience, so she insisted to delivered at home, the tradisional way, so i was told,. I'm always proud of that, as my other siblings, and most of my friends, are either 'hospitalised' or some medical centre. One day i asked nenek, if she still remember the bidan who delivered me, wether the bidan is still living somewhere nearby, you know, suddenly is curious and feel like digging, and nenek said,

"Laa, tok tak ingat pun Ina beranak kat sini?" "Betul ka, ish,,, tak ingat pun,"
Wah, i was so upset. And my sistres laugh like krazy. 

Now, they said, i don't have any proof.

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