Friday, August 22, 2008

The Return

One day, my beloved 11"compaq went black-out,.. without warning,, i tried  to restart it, but no lights would appeared,.. i un plug and plug in, let it rest and restart,.. no success, no sounds, no lights,,.. i was disbelieved,, how could? impossible,, the most horrifying events rush through my head, but,,, , it couldn't happen, my notebook was just one and a half years old... i went to the service centre, the waranty expired 'decades ago.. it could be the motherboard, they said,.. uuh? all the incidents of my compaq falls to the floor rush in to me like a snapshots.. if its the motherboard, 'satu ribu ma, beli baru la,'said the boy.

Days without laptop... dull... terrible,.. especially when our home had just install the streamyx.. i keep hoping for a miracle.. A friend is willing to 'do something' about it. A few weeks later the news came... my compaq is still breathing!!!!!!!! I simply couldn't buy it... untill it was switched on and the screen appeared, I almost scream with joy! My baby is back!Miracle,,

That night i slept hugging my notebook....

'i've been missing you, even if i was selfish for being pretty angry, but i do, really miss you,,, ' 

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