Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tiga Satu Bulan Lapan

On the 30th Aug,i took the three kids out heading to the town. Imagine Alor Star at 12am, in the eve of Merdeka? It was happening!, stuck in the traffic, of people streaming towards the stadium, for one reason: fireworks. Unfortunately the yearly event of Merdeka Eve was not held this year. It was replace by forum etc. (to respect the following Ramadhan). There was a small bloom of fireworks, perhaps held by some hotels. Then the sky went dark. It was frustrating, even for me. But kids are kids. They don't held the sorrow long. When we get home, Bashir and Anas decided to be awake the whole night. Yer la tu.

The next day, we end up photo shooting. What does a Merdeka meant to them? I felt a bit bad i could not come out with an idea of how to make them appreciate our independence day. Speech alone is not going to work. I would have taken them to the Rumah Merdeka (of Tunku Abdul Rahman) or the Birth Place of Mahathir,. But it was a public holiday,. i doubt it opened... and it was a last minute planning. I should have planned earlier, so we won't all end up at the Pacific Hypermarket for 3 dull hours!!


yi ya ni said...

kewl photoshoot.. :P

ruslina said...


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