Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love is,,

"If you love someone you have to let him go, if he comes back, then he's yours. "
I believed the firts phrase is almost true, if you love someone so dearly you'll want him/her to be happy, even if it means without you. But if he/she comes back after you let him go, maybe you have to make a throurough check up, because there's a probablity he was not succeed to pursue the what he called a new happiness and he's just back to get your support.
Just some random ranting.
Updates on wedding:
Focusing on invitation a.k.a kad belum print!
Just did my HIV test, after for an hour the M.A decided i'm negative. Pak Ngah said next time 'bawa putih pi buat test di Jitra, lagi cepat.'
Updates on Kopi O Kampung:
We're now open from 5pm to 12pm
Special dessert: Laicikang


rusputih said...

when is the next time tu k.ina?? xsabaq dh ni..

ruslina-redzuan said...

next year lah,, sbb hg nak kena babysit E jr.

Azelin M.Marz said...

are U getting married? if yes, congrats ;)

farhyamar said...

Hey dear..
invitation via msg dh dpt
Pink & Black, Kad saya MAHU2..
yeepii kami akan memeriahkan majlis anda :D

ruslina-redzuan said...

che puan: yup, insyallah bulan Mac
uswah/shana: itu teasing card jer, my real wedding card is, totally different:p

yi ya ni said...

saya suka laicikang!!

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