Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Running in Heels

Last week i was in KL, looking for wedding gift for hantaran, it was a last minute shopping, painfully they don't give much discount as they did in end year sale, ,,, aissyyyy .... salah percaturan. We went KLCC, then back to Pavillion, Putrajaya for dress fitting, back to Low Yatt, etc. Practically jogging in the mall. Did not even had a chance to go to kinokuniya,, or the movie,, But we manage to buy most(some) of it. What a weekend. Not even had a time to lepak with the KL ladieez,,
Seriously, start shopping earlier, especially on chrismast (end year) sales. And buy those lovely lace at Bandung while you at there,, soo you won't regretting it when paying twice for the almost lookalike lace at jakel/aeromoda. Heels will kill you, bring along lotion.

1 comment:

yi ya ni said...

when shopping, just forget the heels.. sandal will do!!

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