Saturday, February 13, 2010


1.Panic: a sudden, overpowering terror
2. Wedding Gown: I hope it'll turn up lovely. I hope i'll loose more kilo's before the gown fitting. I hope my grandchildren will looked at my picture and say, she's lovely :)
3. Wedding Invitation: It turns up 90% of my expectation. I could't help to feel a bit dissapointed. But Dad is satisfied with it , i believed him. My wedding card is aim to be teasy and attention getter. To make an uproar of first impression. Haven't start distributing, oh dear. Lupa tentang envelope!
4. Wedding favors: I'm glad mom and others are helping for the bunga telur etc. It's great to have family members around. Just need to keep them happy and trust them on it.
5. Honeymoon: Hope we manage to make it happened. According to my budget department, i'm doom. But according to my belief , it's all in God's will.
6. Photographer: I haven't assign any. I'm just, curious for the budget! But i've planned for an outdoor/concept shooting session.
7. Guest: I hope all my cousins will make it. I hope most of my friends will make it. I hope they could make a way though my invitation came out late! I should be announcing in the FB right now but, I'm a bit concern if i would again be too obsess with FB and won't leave the pc screen!!
8. Family: I hope we could get through this without much conflict due to stress and time constrain. After all, what's the point of having a great day if my family is not happy. I want this to be a memorable experience, and we could use it to plan for puteh's wedding pula!
9.I'm taking pills to cut out food appetite. I know its not healthy, but i can save more time since i take less meal. And i loose weight. :p the diet pill however, do have side effect, so it's not suitable for high blood pressure person. I jogg aroud the eighbourhood, it's save more time than going to the gym and public park. But i'm curious if the neighbour might be sneering about my new bride-to-be-jogging-program :p
10. I wish i don't have to sleeep for the whole months. Temporary amnesia.
11. I'm bad at planning, but i always tried to be well organized. I've download wedding planning, wedding checklist, i made wedding binders monts ago, search the web long time ago, compile info, distribute task and yet, i'm way behind schedule. When you're way behind schedule you're panic > then you'll be stress > then you'll be mean and insensitive to those close to you > then you'll be sorry > then you'll do it again > then you're panic > and the cycle continue


HiDayah@GM said...

semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar!

yi ya ni said...

ahaks.. chill babe..

naniesyaque said...

tips to being organised is TO NOT PANIC! good luck, che rus. don't forget to invite me!

farhyamar said...

insyallah..semuanye berjalan dng lancar!! crus jaga diri juga :P

ruslina-redzuan said...

thankyou for the wish:)
nani; i dah antar passport u,:)

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