Monday, July 05, 2010

The Bus

A perfect bus to travel from AS-KL-AS:
- each seat is bed convertable, spacious, and are equipped with personal desk., reading lamp, power plug, plasma screen, clean blanket and inflatable head rest.
- seat for children are provided, close to the parent.
- each bus has 2 credible drivers and 2 well dresses air hostess.,
- each plasma screen is touch screen, where you can watch TV, choices of movies and cartoons etc. It shall also contain a description of the travel, GPS tracker of the bus route., time duration of travel., stop point., description of the current driver and co driver. It shall also contain digital quran and a dua for travel.
- immediately after departure passenger will be served snack and bottled water. One hour later passenger will
be having dinner/ lunch as they pre oder. Meals are served just as in the airplane., outside food are not premitable but the bus will stop at one R&R for toilets etc.
- a private lounge is provided at the lower level. It has mini library., mini food kiosk, board games, and a large plasma TV.
- The Bus is the only bus that will ensure your travel is worth at every second., no matter weather you are a workaholic, a heavy sleeper or travel in a family.
- the price is double., triple probably., than the average bus ticket. All tickets are booked online.


norfazillah.ahmad said...
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norfazillah.ahmad said...

wah! i don't mind paying triple for such a perfect bus;)

Anonymous said...

wow.. menariknya.. and i agree with norfazillah :)

which bus is this?

Anonymous said...

oopss.. ok.. entry dia ada kat bawah..adoiii.. malunya saya..
sorry tuan rumah :)

Anna said...

:) the bus doesnt exist, at least in our country. Maybe its hard to met the criteria, maybe the business plan doesnt work that way. maybe, ya maybe the bus copany are busy to cater the extravaganza needs for Hari Raya tickets and all the other holidays,

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