Friday, July 30, 2010

Just me and her and our little Friday

I was lost today, i get my self ready,. Bath the little baby, ready to get going. But where to? I was wanting to go to taman jubli to see the sprint test event but it was already almost noon. Superhot not suitable for the little girl.Then its noon. My friday spirit has evaporated as the sun rise to mid day. Then there i was. On the couch, all dress up., the maid was playing with the baby while i watched animal planet; wild sex. How animal like godzilla and cow sealion had in common when it come to size and sex dominace., bla bla.,,
It was almost two and im set to go out but i have no idea where to head. I suddenly realize i've always want a time to myself., alamak babys screaming., spend another hour to make her sleep., i should have sent the baby to her nanny but i thought 'grand ma will be home. Grandma and grand pa outing pulak,!
Nampaknya the whole day with miss merah lah., her mama is busy at the sprint test event pagi tadi now mesti dia masuk kafe pula. Im text some friend ask them out for movie tonite., dah dapat gang tapi no one to go and buy the ticket! Baby is screaming again!

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