Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Baby Baby - what do you need?

Minibike at Mothercare !!
I'm 5 months. The baby is yet to kick or scratch. But I know she's hungry all the time. :) Meanwhile, I've been browsing the internet and aisle to search for the essential newborn items. Friends and family have been very helpful sharing tips and article. There's a few things that i'm eying:
1. Baby cots - but since dad found my old baby cots he made for me looong time ago- i guess we can skip it and just refurnish the existing cot
2. Changing Table - my husband want to design the baby cots in the 1st place- but since reason #1 - maybe he will want to design a changing table? His original idea was an attaching cot+changing.
3. Newborn needs - For such a little human, you sure do need a bigger space.
  -newborn clothes: plenty to buy from- last minute shopping pun tak apa- pinjam sama merah lah
  -diapers - i'm into cloth diaper thing- been reading ans searching. this website is plentiful of infos: cloth diapers malaysia. If you are a newbie better check the website to prepare yourself. Anyway, prefold diapers are also suitable for newborn plus its cheap. Read it at CARA MUDAH & MURAH UNTUK CLOTH DIAPER BAYI BARU LAHIR  The best choice for newborns is the Prefolds + Snappi + Diaper Cover system. 
  -baby bathing and detergents etc: i'm opting for natural product- those without the harmful chemical. But it's very expensive mind you! otherwise go au-nature like what we can read from the herb books etc. If you have sensitive skin babies (eczema) you have no other option but go natural.
 -milking accessories - breast pump - storage - bottles etc. 
4. Oh ya strollers and car seat. i like the cheap skeleton stroller where you can fold it to put in the  trunk without much hassle. Yes i'm so awed by the great designer looking thousands costing stroller too. Hussh.
5. Since i chose  natural birthing- i'm yet to attend the hypnobirthing class. Or to find a certified midwives
6.I should also should join some breastfeeding counselling course held by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. I mean- i've always thought that breastfeeding is a natural hunch, all mom should've known this all the while no need no classes.But i also see lots of infants grew up from cow's milk (Merah ga ga ga). So perhaps a little knowledge is better. Tapi bilakah?

I'm gaining as much info as i can to help me go through lots new things so you'll find me attaching links of article or websites
How to travel with your frozen breast milk? I've figured out what EBM means- Express Breastfeeding Milk (tq suzzete)
I read a post from asna's blog on Persediaan Menyusukan Anak Pertamaa post she dedicated to her dear friend.

I stunmble upon an interesting story from the blog of  I want to be ibu mithali

oh my i read my post again there's so many spelling mistakes. sorry for that! sometimes i'm rushing to publish my post. 


wawa said...

hi anna. thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.

anyway great blog you have here. and a new baby eh?

if you were to list of the things the baby would need, the list would be a neverending one. :))

i would say, whatever you have in your list, some of the items can wait (but spare some money).

what is more important is you. how would you take care of yourself during confinement? nak ikut pantang atau tak? siapa nak jaga or jaga diri sendiri? pads,medications, bla bla bla.

most of the times, mothers forget about themselves.

aha, and if you plan to breastfeed, make sure you get as much info as you could esp on initiating breastfeeding within the first one hour.

tell the doula or the nurses that you want them to help you with breastfeeding after birth. The 1st hour is when the baby has the best and the strongest suckling reflex.

you may want to get a breastpump too. helping you to empty the breast if yours get engorged, or if the baby is warded and etc.

and till the baby pops out, keep writing.


take care dear!

Asna said...

go for natural parenthink!!..haha...breastfeeding & clothdiapering are so wonderfull (tp kena rajin lebih sket...:))..for newborn,cloth diapers (malaysia product- cheaper)like Lunatots,rainbow baby & babyland( printed) are suggested (the 's' size is smaller than others)..or just use traditional lampin + diaper cover + snappy/pin...welcome to mommy world!!!

Asna said..., & farahfarhan's blog are good references & lots of information there..they are malaysia lactation consultant...for cloth diaper,visit to share..kih2..rajin2 g la blog saya... xingat siapa, x-housemate k.own & yon kt sentul tu)..huahuahua

iza said...

yeah.. lots of things that need to be prapared to provide comfort and safety of our baby..
here r baby checklist:

1. steriliser
2. breast pump
3. breastmilk storage container
4. Nursing bras
5. Breast or nursing pads
6. Nipple cream
since u dont want 2 give the bottle, so i didnt tell other related matters.

matt protector
bedding coordinates

Tops n pants/rompers/sleep suit
mittens booties

Bathing n grooming:
bath tub
bath towels
cotton buds
comb n brush
nail clipper
bath thermometer
tummy binders

changing n diapering
changing table n mat
baby wipes
diaper rash cream
safety pins

travelling Necessities:
car seat
baby carrier
nursery bag

safety n monitoring:
Baby thermometer


Stimulating toys

Parenting books
Baby care books

there.. lots of!!

Suzette said...

Thanks for the link back. :)
Congratulations!! You must be very excited with this new expectation. If you get yourself well prepared, I'm sure you can breastfeed successfully. BTW, EBM = Expressed Breast Milk. LOL! :)

Anna said...

hi wawa! thank you for the tips-yes-- i'm yet to prepare myself during confinement. one thing for sure i want to get skinny without harming the precious baby- :)

hi asna- very useful link thank you very much. i must say the mummy bloggers has the most essential info we need nowadays-because they are living the real world.

fiza! Thank you for the list. aku belum start shopping lagi. :) hopefully nanti kaki ini masih larat untuk jalan jalan cari barang

hi suzzete :) nice informative blog you have there , i like to read about you and your kids too.

yi ya ni said...

babe,, baby girl??

Anna said...

tak tahu lagi
i just like to use he and she randomly
was expecting a girl
but now since ramai yg predict its gonna be boy
so am preparing 'kasut bola' for the baby hehe
either one is fine

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