Monday, March 21, 2011

My Baby Bump

One day i wanted to lay on my stomach-something was blocking my tummy and the floor so i try to shove it, guess what, it's my baby bump-haha. that was a hilarious.

My sister Puteh made me a pair of maternity pants. It felt so good on my tummy thank you sis. She told me she learned it from the internet. Well i browse some and there are many helpful to-do articles. One of those is this post on how to make maternity jeans.

I was lingering on my mom pregnancy record, she was having her 5th child and guess what's her weight just before the labour day: 58kg. Oh mom. If only you know how much i've gained. I have never imagine in my whole life i would reach 60kg--now the number is climbing. Its good not to have facebook for a while. i hate seeing my current image being tag etc. :)

I read it is not advices to sleep on your back especially when you are at the trimester stage. Your uterus are bigger and heavier and will cause muscle pains. (no wonder after a good sleep hour i woke up feeling worst than before) Back sleeping can also cause snoring (oooHH!!) read the what's the best sleeping position during pregnancy.

Last Night We were Busy Making Cards

P/S: i tried to sleep on my side- yes it was very hard-i am a back-sleeper. i tends to change positions multiple times last night. Thank goodness i woke up without muscle ache. In Islam we are advice to sleep on your right rib. This is because your heart is on your left and this will make you uncomfortable so you can easily wake up at the 2/3 of night to perform Tahajjud (Night Solat).  Tahajjud is one of the most great thing a muslim can do to earn Jannah(The Paradise). 

As a contrast, if you read the meditation article- they will advice you to sleep on your left rib so you will sleep longer and more comfort. So, if you intends to wake up during night to solat sleep on your right, may Allah bless you :) Don't forget to take a nap in the noon- that's another advice so you can have the energy to wake up the next Tahajjud.

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