Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Baby Bumps Great Looking Mums

Should have looked like those below; fashionably gorgeous mums to be. Carrying toddlers in in good looking suits for hip young mum-     heeee
Instead i gain more weights and getting hungrier . ... i'm browsing these pictures, hopefully my brain will be inspired by these people and tell my body to stop eating. Totally stop eating.
Ya -you have to aim for extreme don't we?
Don't worry, not jeopardizing the little one ..:)

stop eating
even Angie looks better in Jubah.. ciss.
looking nice with scarf like Angie
stop eating

stop eating for two

stop caffeine 

stop heavy snack

stop eating too much


stop thinking you're hungry all the time

Eat Slowly
allow your stomach time to signal to your brain
that you are getting FULL
Thank you for sharing the quote Luz


iza said...

well.. eat healthy food such as fruits especially dates...

Anna said...

masalahnya.. time pregnant ni tak lalu pula nak makan dates. tapi will give it a second try thnak you for the advice!

Anna said...

pizzah!! ish ingat kan kawan lama i,,you niii, you lain la- you slim slim slim ja dari dulu sampai kini--- aku dulu pun sama angkatan-- tapi aku dulu sibuk nak weight gain kan--haha

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