Thursday, March 03, 2011

Natural Birth

Yes that's me and my dear husband
I'm 20weeks and counting. My due is around 20th July.

The most important decision is where the labour will take place. Instead of choosing hospitals and location, i'm more concern on choosing between a General Hospital (GH) or a Private Hospital. At first thought, Private seems more an exceptional option; less scary stories, less 'killing', less hassle, less waiting, etc.

But then, i think people are exaggerating about the GHs. It couldn't be thaaat bad? At least not at these modern age right? They might have improved more. My Mom delivered there, my aunties, my sisters, and a lot bunch of women who delivered there seem to be living perfect. Well except mom, she past away after the last birth- her 7th child.

I was delivered at home. mm. that seem to be another good option too.

Delivering at GH is much cheaper! A cesarean it will cost you a hundred plus for the government worker. 

The private will charge you double.. or triple... or more.... depends. They are people paid almost RM10K because of emergency case + Cesarean + admit at midnight + vacuum or epidural etc. RM10K per kid? Oih, i'm planning to have more like 5 or 7 kids. 

If you think 'Hey, why being stingy to for your own baby?'

But i'm more to,'Why being such a Baby?'

I'm doing do some homework about the procedures- about the private and GH, about the natural birth, about delivering at home!! 

At the moment i'm more concern about the episiotomy:
it seem everyone who give birth at GH had episiotomy -
and everyone at the private had either caeserian or epidural.
Why can't we give birth in a less stress way? In a more natural way? My sis in law told me her mom gave birth to her and her other 13 siblings at home. Even her sister delivered at home - five times. That's not in an ancient age. it's just a way back 4 to 5 years ago.  

So i did some internet research and walaaa ... guess what! natural birthing is still a current practice in a modern living happily married couple! 
(just to emphasize so we can make a different between the non married teen who give birth secretly with success or the unexpected birth in the car!)

The more i read and research, the more weird words because it's in English popping out from the screen. Can you guess any?
release membrane
the cord

I think people have go forget the beautiful process of birthing. its's like fairytale. I think people are being feed with such horrible stories.

Many the women are having c-section- it's worrying because they looked perfectly healthy. Except the special cases where it concern the mom and baby's life- women should be given option to birth in the most natural way.  We need to educated ourselves more and more and do not depends on peoples assumption or medical advice 100%. 

Here are the list some of the important notes so when i have time i can go too their link again.  As a conclusion, I'm opting for natural pregnancy. Read the exciting story no #2.

1. How to avoid Episiotomy There are a lot of ways to avoid one. Or to opt for natural tear.

2. Khadeejah's Exciting All-Natural Birth Story  Great story of a women who went to a natural birthing classes and delivered naturally at the local hospital.

3. Hypnobirthing a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing in a way that most mirrors nature.

4. How to get Natural Induction ? Drug free method.

5. Why Natural Birth ?

6. Water Birth - a personal experience . read it here


rusputih said...

Homebirth plsss..teringin nk tgk kot!!

iza said...

i like... but when u feel the labor pain.. u think nothin except Allah and.. baby.. hehehe.. kesakitan dalam kegembiraan.. what do u think about husband can be with us in labor room?

yi ya ni said...

erkkkk,, whatever you please la babe,, but in the speeding car on the way to the hospital is much more your style,, hehehehehe,,

Craftylicious said...

oh wow...very very deep thoughts.. your third option was rather a cute one (to deliver at home) but a wee bit risky dont ya think?? lol..thanks so much for dropping by my blog and for the kind comment! :)

Anna said...

putih: kena cari bidan ooi
pizah: husband by your side should be a great comfort- but if not allowed at least one female companion to sit by yourside. how was your labour?
yani: har har har car birthing
craftmom: thank you for visiting :) deivering at home is a common some time ago- but for a modern mom we really need expertise to guide through it all

iza said...

mine was very the... they tried to reveal the baby by pushing on my stomach.. sore!!

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous to give birth of a healthy Baby for spending more than RM10K here in Penang!

This is the truth happen to me at Penang Adventist Hospital.

Please be aware of all the hidden charges of the so called "maternity package" and the worse is being assign the blood sucking pediatric doctor (children doctor) name: Dr.Mxxx.

They can simply push your baby into the NICU without your consent and start the expensive procedure that can cost RM4K-6K for 1week stay.

The hospital customer service is not professional & just know how to turn their customer around.
Basically they try to tell me that they cannot stop the greedy action of this non ethical pediatric doctor M.

My advice is to avoid this Hospital for delivering baby in Penang, until they have a fair policy that transparent for their patient.

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