Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Mom

Dear mom
I’m going to be a mother in a few months
I wish you were here
And share the joy of seeing your second grandchild

I’m married to a wonderful man
If only you met him you'll love him

The others have been doing great too
You should see Shila‘s adorable baby girl
And meet Rusli's chatterbox wife
And Puteh's fiance-to-be
She's getting engaged! - that's how grown up we are now, mom

Trough getting ahead in life complexities
We failed a thousands times
Yet we had the best what life gave us
A life you and dad had made it possible
On God's will

Dear Mom
They say you’d visited us every eve of Friday night
But if i were to see you again, mom
I want us to meet in The Heaven
That's they place we all wants to be
That's the place we can have the most glorious time 

Shila's Baby Girl

Dear mom
I’m sorry I've forgotten you quite a period
Life consume us and  we forget to send you prayers
You've been a good Muslim and a good wife through out your life
May Allah bless you and make you enter paradise with ease and joy

Dear mom
Sometimes people said we replicate you 
It touches us but you are much more than another nice person
You are much more than a humble likable person

After more than 10 years
We still have strangers coming to us
And tell us how they met you
And how wonderful person are you
After more than 10 years
We still have people coming
And surprise us with stories about you that we never heard before
of the noble things you did for others
about the sacrifices you went through
about the Love you had with dad
After more than 10 years
People still has the nicest things to say about you
After more than 10 years
You live among the memories
You live in our hearts for years

After more than 10 years
I think I’ve known you better


naiey said...

So sweet..sayu hati baca ni.

rusputih said...

Always i wonder what would i turn out if you were still here. What would i choose. Whether or not i chose to be a designer or teacher is really my fate. As i spare myself a lot for not being what i love to be cos you were not around to back me up.this is my biggest curiosity, would anything turn out differently if you were around..

iza said...

Very touching...
It makes me remember how happy and excited during her lifetime..
she always brought me stay with u all at home. so sweet..
Many of the activities carried out make us more closer. There is a gift and be ready to give a speech too.. hehehe..
she's the most i liked among them in KPP.

Anna said...

thank you for reading :)

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